Mayor Rob Burton

Photo of Oakville Town Council members at New Year's Levee.

Council is moving forward on our path to a more livable and sustainable future.

We’re controlling growth, saving green space, and keeping up with the town’s needs; all while keeping increases to taxes and public debt lower than before.

We have a vision out to 2057 that creates, preserves and affords the livability that Oakville is known for.

We on Council can lead, but we work through others. We consult the public and empower town staff.

This is an exciting time for Oakville. We are the people and this is the time in our history when we make the big, long-lasting choices. Together, we are poised to meet challenges. And we will continue to create efficiencies and productivity across our programs and services to maximize value for you.

We all care about the town we live in. We give our time and effort to make Oakville a better place for all. This spirit is the backbone, the muscle and the heart of what makes Oakville, Oakville. And this attitude, coupled with Council’s ability to work together effectively, is what drives us forward toward our goal of being the most livable town in Canada.